The Urgent Medical Care Clinic was established in 2019 to address the urgent medical needs of patients who have non-life threatening injuries and illnesses that require same-day treatment.

Our urgent medical care model is a new concept in Calgary that delivers comprehensive access to patient-focused urgent medical care, including diagnostic imaging and medical specialists on-site.
The clinic provides diagnostic investigations for minor but immediate medical concerns, and supported by an on-site x-ray department, cast clinic, women health clinic, exams rooms, observations room, procedure room, and fast access to Laboratory Services for urgent medical conditions. Also, we are creating a communication channel with patients’ family doctors, so they are aware of their patients’ latest medical care attention reports.


The urgent medical care brings history of leadership: physicians, medical care professionals, operations resilience, emergency management, who provide innovative health care solutions, strategic planning, long-term growth, and the adoption of best industry practices and technology platforms.
Our clinic will continue to bring more expertise in areas of emergency operations management, healthcare, and technology. As we expand our services, operations, and establishing new locations in Calgary to serve wider population


Delivering accessible urgent care services to communities which will greatly impact these communities, and leads to reducing the waiting time in Emergency Department.
As a result, Emergency Department medical staff will have the opportunity to optimizing ER/ED and hospitals processes, and resources. Which will significantly impact the daily operations thru shifting the focus of medical attention to the life-threatening cases, and providing a faster care access to patients who need it the most. Furthermore, we offer free rides to Emergency Hospitals as based on the severity of medical condition.


Ensuring unique patients’ experience in our clinic is at the heart of everything we do, through providing highest quality of services and ensuring an instant accessible urgent care (non-life threatening) services for communities.
Our clinic approach is mainly driven by ensuring patients get the best experience that would exceed their expectations. Ultimately, We are aiming to be an industry leader in delivering urgent health care in Calgary, and AB, and leading solutions.

We are treating non-life threatening illnesses and injuries.

You can just walk in and our warm, welcoming medical team will get you back to feeling good.

Our Urgent Medical Care Centre is supported by an on-site x-ray department and fast access to Laboratory Services for urgent medical conditions. This Urgent Care Centre model is new in Calgary and the ONLY one in NORTH Calgary.


Urgent Care is not a first-come, first-served system. Patients are seen in Urgent Care Clinic based on their medical condition and the severity of their situation.